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Des Affiches Antiques—classic schoolroom posters`

pictured above: "Paris and the Surrounding Region", "The Food Industries of France" and "Fruits" 

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Adrianna Fie
Party Time

Adrianna Fie
New: knife sharpening and blade repair at F+F


About Brunoise + Sam Daigle
Brunoise, based in Minneapolis, is a new company devoted to servicing cutlery for professional chefs and home cooks of every expertise level. Chef Sam Daigle uses high quality Japanese water stones and deer hide strops to sharpen and hone, thus creating a superior edge for your blades. Sam has sharpened knives throughout his 12-year culinary career, and he recently decided to share his specialized skills with others.
The Process
Drop-off your dull or damaged blades at F+F— 3730 Chicago Avenue—during regular business hours (see below) to start the process—and return  the following Wednesday to collect your better-than-new equipment!
$12 for double bevel knives
$18 for tip and chip repairs
$20 for single bevel knives 
$28 for single bevel repairs
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Questions? Call us at 612.823-5799 or send an email to

Adrianna Fie
New! Provençal Prints from Olivades


Olivades: the Pride of Provence

"They have set a goal:
to perpetuate the ancestral art of printing on fabrics in le Sud de la France, while evolving and adapting it to the present day."

The Olavides story starts in 1818, when a company of printers formed in the village of Saint-Étienne-du-Grès to create distinctive printed fabrics, a Provençal specialty with origins dating back to the 17th century. Today, Olivades carries-on the tradition—combining longstanding techniques with fresh designs—and now works with contemporary artists such as Nathalie du Pasquier to create fresh styles for the modern world.

Still manufactured in the South of France, Olivades remains the foremost contemporary producer of traditional étoffes imprimées (printed fabrics), and the last Provençal factory continuing this storied craft, which first blossomed in France more than four centuries ago, when woodblock-printed tissus arrived in Marseille via eastern trade routes. 

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Olivades Provencal Napkins

Olivades Striped Print Reversible Napkins  

Olivades Pencil PouchPetit Pouch Provencal