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Manufacture de Digoin

Made from locally sourced sandstone clay and fired at over 1200*F for enhanced durability. These ceramics are handcrafted by Manufacture de Digoin, a Burgundian pottery concern with origins dating back to 1875. The nearly defunct operation was revitalized in 2014, and now produces both classic French pottery and contemporary designs. 
  • Manufacture de Digoin Cider Bowl
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    French Cider Bowl

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    The one true vessel for French cider consumption! A traditional staple in the French apple- and pear-growing regions of Brittany and Normandy. Thes...

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  • Manufacture de Digoin Cider Pitcher
    Manufacture de Digoin Cider Pitcher
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    French Cider Pitcher

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     This classically styled pichet, a replica of the type once found in nearly every watering hole in France, embodies the particularly French obsess...

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