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FREE Shipping on Orders Over $100 in the US


  • Friendly Suggestions: Laila Gohar
    October 31, 2017 Joep Hasler

    Friendly Suggestions: Laila Gohar

    The renowned epicurean designer shares her favorite selections from the shop... photos from We are so excited about this one! For years, we've adored Laila Gohar via Instagram (@lailacooks). Gohar's mind-bending, eye-pleasing edible installations exist at the intersection of dazzling and delicious. Her...

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  • Friendly Suggestions: Natalie W
    October 4, 2017 Adrianna Fie

    Friendly Suggestions: Natalie W

      photos by Blaine Davis From a sunny studio in East Williamsburg, self-taught ceramicist Natalie Weinberger handcrafts her own line of distinctive pottery—eye-catching vessels that combine understated elegance and clever design. For years, we've enjoyed countless large pours of hot beverages in a pair...

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