Sabatier Paring Knife


A classic carbon steel French paring knife is crafted in Thiers, the historic center of French blade making, by our favorite cutlery company, Therias et L’Econome. The Sabatier name originated in Thiers at the beginning of the 19th century, and signifies fully forged construction and high quality craftsmanship. Though the Sabatier name can now be found on a wide range of knives, this knife is a true example of Sabatier quality.

The carbon steel blade is lightweight, and will hold it’s edge longer than a typical stainless-steel blade. It will develop a lovely patina with use.

Care: Keep the blade dry to prevent rust from forming on the blade. Wipe with a soft cloth after use or hand washing.

Total Length: 7.75"

Blade Length: 3.75"

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