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Melograno Kitchen Towel

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These striking stripes are a Tuscan tradition predating even the 160-year old factory that manufactures them for us today. Though the exact origins of the so-called Melograno stripes are lost to time, the master weavers at Busatti faithfully re-create the famous kitchen linen once found in every farmhouse in Tuscany and Umbria.  

Founded in 1842 in Anghiari, a fortified hilltop village of overlooking the verdant Tiber River valley, Busatti remains a family-owned company committed to both preserving and advancing the production of fine Italian textiles. That means specially trained artisans weaving on precisely tuned machinery, including some looms which have produced high quality yarns for more than a century. Dies are applied to the actual threads, not just on the bolt, which gives these textiles their distinctive bold coloring. The entire process—from sourcing and production of the raw materials, to the manufacturing and finishing of the textiles—occurs in northern Italy. 

Woven in Tuscany, Italy.

50% linen; 50% cotton

Wash warm, no bleach.

Dimensions: 23" x 27.5"