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RESTOCK: Pallares Solsona Knives

Our complete collection of Catalonian cutlery is back in stock.

Pallares Solsona Catalonian Spanish Wood Handle Knives

Once upon a time, dozens of artisan blacksmiths handcrafted exquisite steel cutlery in the the walled city of Solsona, located about 75 miles northwest of Barcelona. Known as the Guild of Saint Eligius—after the patron saint of metalworkers—their finely tempered and exceptionally sharp knives were prized throughout Catalonia.

Now, you will only find only one remaining knifemaker—Cuchilleria Pallarès—forging cutlery in this enclave in the southern foothills of the Pyrenees. Rest assured, though, that the tradition endures. The knives that emerge from the workshops of Pallarès Solsona still meet the exacting standards established long ago by the Guild of Saint Eligius and carry a pedigree that is centuries in the making. 


Pallares Solsona Pastor Pocket Knife Bone Boxwood Olivewood

+++++    +++++    +++++

Pallares Solsona Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Kitchen Knives


Joep Hasler
BACK ONLINE: Pincinox stainless steel clothes pins

Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothespins Made In France


Originally designed in 1969 to withstand the salty sea air of the Mediterranean, these incredible clothes pins are still manufactured today by the Violet family in their workshop in the south of France.

Made from a single strip of industrial grade stainless steel, Pincinox clothespins will never rust, break, or loose their spring.

Not just perfect for hang-drying your laundry, Pincinox are useful for a variety of additional tasks, including clipping posters and holding cards and photos upright.


French Stainless Steel Pincinox Clothespins

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Au revoir L'econome

Flotsam+Fork says farewell to a favorite

Therias et L'econome 

The only way to describe this news is "devastating". We just learned from our distributor that they are discontinuing the iconic multi-colored product line of Therias & L'econome kitchen utensils.

Fortunately, we still have a few L'econome products in stock, so you can still get your hands on some of these fantastic products from one of our all-time favorite French cutlery makers. Sadly, there aren't many left.  

So don't miss this chance to own one of the final Therias & L'econome items—with the classic three umbrella logo—Flotsam+Fork ever sells. 


Therias L'econome Bread Knife      Therias L'econome Kitchen Knives

Therias L'econome Fruit Set   Therias L'econome Peelers   Therias L'econome Cheese Knife




22 days, 2 countries, 3 high speed trains, 5 cities, approximately two dozen liters of natural wine & one fierce Mediterranean sunburn later, and the Flotsam+Fork European Sourcing Sabbatical of 2017 is officially over. 

It'd be lying to say we're totally happy to be back in states—but we discovered some exceptional new products, and we're excited to share our findings over the coming weeks and months. 

In the meantime, the shop is back online and F+F is once again shipping orders. Please take a look at some of our fav memories from the trip and stay tuned for new product arrivals!



La Buvette is absolutely the best place in the world to drink wine right now & please do not even try to convince us otherwise. 


Nice Straw Baskets

After approximately 10 hours à la plage, we fortuitously stumbled upon the straw basket queen of Nice. A truly special retailer hidden among the knick-knack and postcard dealers. 


E.Dehillerin Paris

No trip to Paris is complete without a pilgrimage to the temple of kitchenwares, E.Dehillerin. 


Knives of France

France truly is the land of knives. 


De Rat

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam on an unseasonably warm day, we highly recommend enjoying a few radlers at Cafe Brecht. 

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