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Friendly Suggestions: Laila Gohar

The renowned epicurean designer shares her favorite selections from the shop...

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We are so excited about this one! For years, we've adored Laila Gohar via Instagram (@lailacooks). Gohar's mind-bending, eye-pleasing edible installations exist at the intersection of dazzling and delicious. Her work exalts food's ancient role as carrier of culture, and an ice breaker capable of bringing people together for an intimate moment in time.

So just imagine our delight when we learned that this renowned epicurean designer is a fan of the shop! Not only that, but she's kindly agreed to share a few thoughts on some of her favorite objects on Flotsam+Fork.

Ebony-handled Laguiole Folding Knife     
Timeless and utilitarian. I like this one in ebony. >>>


Pallares Solsona Kitchen Knives 
These Catalan knives are my favorite. I have so many! They're carbon steel, affordable, very sharp and well made. >>>


La Royale Whetstone
Because I already chose two knives, I felt my final pick should be a whetstone. Your knives are only as good as how you look after them! >>>

Joep Hasler
RESTOCK: Pallares Solsona Knives

Our complete collection of Catalonian cutlery is back in stock.

Pallares Solsona Catalonian Spanish Wood Handle Knives

Once upon a time, dozens of artisan blacksmiths handcrafted exquisite steel cutlery in the the walled city of Solsona, located about 75 miles northwest of Barcelona. Known as the Guild of Saint Eligius—after the patron saint of metalworkers—their finely tempered and exceptionally sharp knives were prized throughout Catalonia.

Now, you will only find only one remaining knifemaker—Cuchilleria Pallarès—forging cutlery in this enclave in the southern foothills of the Pyrenees. Rest assured, though, that the tradition endures. The knives that emerge from the workshops of Pallarès Solsona still meet the exacting standards established long ago by the Guild of Saint Eligius and carry a pedigree that is centuries in the making. 


Pallares Solsona Pastor Pocket Knife Bone Boxwood Olivewood

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Pallares Solsona Carbon Steel Wooden Handle Kitchen Knives